Engine 555 was purchased in 2010 with the help of the Texas forestry service. It's 2010 E ONE 1,000 Gal 1,250 Pump Engine. 555 severs as our first out on structure fires as well as MVA as it houses our extraction equipment . 555 also servers on the Grayson county tender task force
Brush 554 was purchased in 2018 through community donations and the cooperation of the City of Tioga. It has 500 gallons of water, 10 gallons of foam and a 200 GPM pump. It is our first out for wildland fires and carries wildland tools and a SCBA.
Brush 553 is a 1996 ford f350 4X4  300 GAL tank
Engine 552 was purchased in 2004 with the help of TVFD first ever FEMA grant . It's a 2004 E-ONE 1,000 GAL 1,250 PUMP Engine.

Battalion 550 was purchased through cooperation with the City of Tioga when it was for sale by the Tioga PD. It serves as our primary medical response unit and support vehicle on larger incidents. 
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